Impact Economics is a company focused on social entrepreneurship & driven by a vision to deliver innovative products and build scalable business models that seamlessly provide sales, marketing and distribution solutions for partners in the value chain. While vast in scope, our commitment and passion keep us grounded in ensuring that global opportunities are addressed on platforms we can lend our time and energy to.

We believe that real change will come when we promote the idea of partnerships and business opportunities in areas in need of economic development. Collaboration will be the single most important ingredient in true and profound change.We believe that our most important asset is bringing private and public organizations together to help nurture & promote innovative ideas that breed sustainability and success.

As the Master Distributor for the Greif, PackH2O, Impact Economics has the responsibility of addressing the needs of the global community. Specifically, Impact Economics assists with sales, distribution, logistics and operational support in ensuring we are focused on meeting our partners’ requirements in their support of the PackH2O water backpack.