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Collaborative stewardship is our compass; Simple solutions to complex problems is our promise; Social innovation is our focus; Passion and change are our constants.


Provide products and solutions that improve lives

About Us

Impact Economics (IE) is a company focused on social innovation, driven by a vision to create markets that deliver unique products and scalable business models that seamlessly provide sales, marketing and distribution solutions for our partners in the value chain. While vast in scope, our commitment and passion keep us grounded in ensuring that global opportunities are addressed on platforms we can lend our time and energy to.

We believe that real change will come when we promote the idea of partnerships and business opportunities in areas in need of economic development. Collaboration will be the single most important ingredient in true and profound change. We believe that our most important asset is bringing private and public organizations together to help nurture and promote innovative ideas that breed sustainability and success.

With a desire to enable true change through social innovation, IE is continuously looking to bring value to those with whom we work. New ideas and new products are always welcome as we grow and create a long-term impact with our global partners.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Tess Mateo
Managing Director | CXCatalysts
Farooq Busari
IBM | Client Executive
Tanya Baskin
President and CEO | The Baskin Group

Investors & Advisory Board

Rich Langdale
Managing Partner | NCT Ventures
Eric Aroesty
Ron Aroesty
President & Founder | Junior Energy
Calvin Cooper
NCT Ventures

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IE supports smart, sustainable and innovative ideas that change the world by providing people with products that change their everyday lives. Thus, our objective is to introduce products that compliment packH2O or that promote long-term growth in developing economies. If you have an idea or a product that is aligned with our objective, please submit your IEdea today and make an impact that will affect someone's tomorrow!