Impact Economics’ flagship product is the packH2O water backpack. A revolutionary idea, this unique product is designed to ease the burden of personal water transportation from source to home where running water is not available. The packH2O can transport up to 20 liters of water and acts as the ideal safe water storage device in the home, school or community location.

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Thank you for your interest in supporting our work. Are you asking, “what’s the difference between buying a PackH2O from IE and making a donation on the PackH2O website”? Good question.

IE is a for profit company and is the Global Master Distributor for the packH2O water backpack. We manage many projects around the world on behalf of partners to get PackH2O to market, including logistics and in-country support. We received many requests asking us, “how can I buy a pack for my local & personal needs”? We responded by bringing packs into the US and distribute them from Columbus, Ohio. To bring packs into the US and help meet interested consumer needs costs money including warehousing, shipping and handling costs. Via Amazon and Ali Baba, we sell packs at a very small net mark-up

If your interest is in donating a PackH2O water backpack to someone in need, our 501 (c) (3) partner, Parter’s for Care, is the best way to make this happen. Through funding they receive, PackH2O packs are delivered to communities in East Africa with their on-the-ground team. Your donation is a key component to positively impacting change.